About Us

Mission statement here.

HBCUniversity.net was founded under the premise of providing quality and difficult to find products that will provide a positive representation of our HBCUs.  The idea to form this company came to us as we were walking through a mall.  We noticed a variety of products marketed and being sold for ‘major’ colleges and universities that were not available for HBCUs.  Our goal is to change that.

The owners of HBCUniversity.net are graduates of HBCUs and we have a sincere desire to ensure these institutions of higher learning are well represented in our products.  We want to contribute to the growth of these institutions, and our intent is to give back by way of scholarships, royalties and donations.

One of our primary goals is to have products available for every HBCU.  As we grow, so will our product and clientele.  We will be innovative and on the cutting edge in our attempts to provide alumni, students and fans of these fine institutions with products that will represent us well.